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Whorl Care of the Hospitalised Horse Course Notes 2010

Whorl Care of the Hospitalised Horse Course Notes 2010

Editor: Kevin Corley

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Ltd.

Course notes from the 2 day course held at the British Racing School, Newmarket, in November 2010.

Speakers included: Kevin Corley from Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital; Barbara Dallap Schaer from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School; Bettina Dunkel and Renate Weller from the Royal Veterinary College and Tim Greet and Celia Marr from Rossdales Equine Hospital.

Topics covered included: surgical and medical respiratory emergencies; advances in colic surgery; how to catheterise the cephalic and lateral thoracic veins; electrolytes in post-operative colic patients; enteral and parenteral nutrition; abdominal ultrasonography, how to get down to the duodenum with a gastroscope; monitoring and treating the heart; how to perform pericardiocentesis; fluid therapy � colloids versus crystalloids; inotropes and pressors; how to control an arterial bleed; diagnosis and management of synovial penetrating wounds; advances in orthopaedics - recent improvements in fracture repair; how to apply a splint; advances in equine diagnostic imaging; how to take radiographic images of the thorax of a horse; antimicrobials: choices, doses, delivery; how to place an epidural catheter; and biosecurity update.


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