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Rossdales Stallion Subfertility Course Notes 2011

Rossdales Stallion Subfertility Course Notes 2011

Editor: Sidney Ricketts

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Ltd.

Extensive notes of the 3 days course held in January 2011 on Stallion Subfertility.

Covered - normal fertility, reproductive anatomy and physiology, examinations of stallions, genital diseases and abnormalities, monitoring fertility, the specific examination, treatment and management of subfertile stallions and prospects for future research leading to progress in aiding fertility.

Lecturers included the renowned 'world experts' from USA Barry Ball (Gluck Equine Research Center, Lexington) and Dr Dickson Varner (Texas A&M) and from Europe Professor Tom Stout (University of Utrecht) and Dr Sandro Barbacini (Select Breeders Services, Italy). Other lecturers from UK included Professors Twink Allen (The Paul Mellon Laboratory of Equine Reproduction) and Sidney Ricketts, Nick Wingfield Digby, Richard Payne, Florence Manning and Chris Phillips (Rossdales).


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