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Rossdales Periparturient Mare Course Notes 2013

Rossdales Periparturient Mare Course Notes 2013

Editor: Andrew McGladdery

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Ltd

Extensive notes of the 3 day course held in January 2013 which covered the periparturient period.

Fetal physiology, endocrinology, placental abnormality, hormone supplementation, fetal programming, abortion and placental abnormality, fetal and placental (inc. doppler) ultrasonography, cervical dystocia, fetotomy, Caesearean section, resuscitation of the foal during and after deliver, periparturient complication, including haemorrahge and placental retention, perineal surgery and breeding management.

Lecturers from USA, Qatar, Europe and UK included: Sarah Boys Smith, Stefania Bucca, Ian Cameron, James Crabtree, Alexandra Dugdale, Alastair Foote, Abigail Fowden, Jan Govaere, Emily Haggett, Margo Macpherson (gave Michelle LeBlanc's lectures), Christoph Lees, Andrew McGladdery, Jenny Ousey, Richard Payne, Oliver Pynn, Alexandra Rees, Sidney Ricketts and Lewis Smith.


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