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Course Notes

Rossdales Foal Care Course 2018

Rossdales Foal Care Course 2018

Editor: Emily Haggett

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Limited

Extensive course notes for the 9th Rossdales Foal Care course held in Newmarket in January 2018.

Speakers included internationally recognised foal care experts Peter Morresey (Rood & Riddle, Kentucky, USA), Kevin Corley (Veterinary Advances, Ireland) and Sandy Taylor (Purdue University, USA) together with 11 other speakers from the UK.

Lectures included: the healthy foal; initial assessment of the sick foal; cardiopulmonary resuscitation ; foal sepsis and systemic inflammatory response syndrome; umbilical disease; the maladjusted foal; equine prematurity; respiratory disease including rib fractures; colic; diarrhoea; parasite control; renal disease and uroperitoneum; immune disorders; nutrition; fluid therapy; endocrine diseases; flexural and contractural deformities; angular limb deformities; corrective farriery; septic arthritis and osteomyelitis; sedation and anaesthesia; Rhodococcus equi; Lawsonia intracellularis; post mortems and management of the 'high risk' pregnant mare.

Pages = 188.


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