S Caldwell & W O'Connor

Foaling Simplified + The Orphan Foal


  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Whorl Publishing
  • Dimensions: N/A

Foaling Simplified

Written as a practical guide to foaling mares, incorporating photographs and diagrams to help explain each stage in detail. Although most of the research has been carried out on Thoroughbred studfarms; the basic principles apply to all breeds and situations. The book is split into five chapters: Preparation for foaling; The Foaling; Difficult Foalings; Problems after Foaling: The Foal; Problems after Foaling: The Mare.

The book will be a useful reference to both students of equine studies, veterinary students and mare owners alike. The author has tried to avoid using veterinary terms wherever possible, and has explained any that have been used in the glossary.

Sue Caldwell has been employed in the equine industry for over 35 years. She started as a student in 1980 at The National Stud in Newmarket and has gone on from there to for mares each year, most recently at Newsells Park Stud. The the last count, she had attended over 3000 foalings!

The Orphan Foal

This book has been written as a practical guide to explain how a foal should be cared for if the dam is unable or unwilling to feed her foal. Sections include: how to foster an orphan foal; how to hand-rear an orphan foal; how to integrate and educate an orphan foal with other horses; how a foal should be cared for if its dam is unable to feed it.

Wendy O’Connor has over 45 year’ experience of working with horses, 30 years spent on stud farms and the remaining within the racing industry. Wendy is renowned all over the United Kingdom for fostering and hand-rearing orphan foals and has given lectures on her methods. The skills Wendy has acquired are passed on in this book. Time is of the essence when things go wrong and this book will be a valuable guide to anyone involved in breeding horses, whether professionally or for pleasure.