P Rossdale, P Jackson & T Cox

History of Veterinary Practice Newmarket


  • Hardback : 96 Pages
  • Publisher: Romney Publications
  • ISBN: 978-0-9541587-2-9
  • Dimensions: 250 × 100 × 12 mm

This book records the history of veterinary practice in Newmarket over the past 180 years. It investigates (and refutes) the claim that veterinary surgeons could not make a living in Newmarket in 1831. It charts the history and progress of veterinary practice in Newmarket from those early days to modern times where three veterinary hospitals provide the higest quality care for horses.

Ten chapters by different authors refer to individuals involved in single and multi-membered practice, the role of the Jockey Club in the development of the town as a centre of horseracing and breeding, the parts played by the Animal Health Trust’s Equine Research Station, the Equine Fertility Unit, Cambridge Veterinary School and Farriery.