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Corrective Farriery, vol. 2

Corrective Farriery, vol. 2

Editor: Simon Curtis

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Publisher: Newmarket Farrier Consultancy
ISBN: 199772 13 8

Corrective Farriery Volume II completes a 2-part work covering all aspects of remedial shoeing and the associated background knowledge. It is written with both farriers and veterinary surgeons in mind.

Like the companion volume, it consists of nearly 400 pages, printed in full colour, with contributions by 14 authors from around the world. Both the photography and the many colour diagrams make this a visually exciting book. Corrective Farriery starts with what is probably the most detailed anatomy of the equine hoof ever published.

There are chapters on hoof repair and hoof cracks, how to apply various methods of glue shoes and a chapter giving clear information on the prevention of interference injuries. Subjects are covered from both a veterinary and farriery viewpoint; chapters such as fractures of the distal phalanx describe the types of lesion encountered and the way in which both professions use their skills to promote healing. There are also chapters that give a greater understanding of the history of remedial shoeing and how farriers can work successfully within an equine veterinary hospital.

This book has been scanned and reprinted 2018.


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