Editor: Emily Haggett

Rossdales Foal Care Course Notes 2020


Course notes for course held in January 2020.

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Extensive course notes from Rossdales Foal Care Course held in Newmarket in January 2020 edited by Emily Haggett (Rossdales specialist foal care clinician).

Speakers included: Jamie Kopper (Washington State University, USA); Peter Morresey (Rood & Riddle, Kentucky, USA); Mathijs Theelen (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands); and from the UK – Simon Curtis (Newmarket Farrier Consultancy); Emily Haggett, Charlotte Easton-Jones, Catriona Mackenzie, Andrew McGladdery, Ollie Pynn and Lewis Smith (Rossdales LLP).

Lectures included: ultrasound of the late pregnant mare; treatment of the late pregnant mare to maintain foetal health; resuscitation of the neonate; clinical and point of care evaluation of the neonate; immaturity in foals; neonatal maladjustment syndrome; seizure control of the neonate; diagnosis and treatment of sepsis; orthopaedic sepsis in foals; rational use of antimicrobials and antimicrobial stewardship; endocrine dysfunction in critically ill foals; fluid therapy of the neonate; how to use inotropes and pressors; practical acid base evaluation; renal disease and acute kidney injury; uroperitoneum; evaluation and treatment of the foal with colic; enteral and parenteral nutrition; diarrhoea of the foal; respiratory assessment and support; neonatal pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome; analgesia and pain assessment in the foal; foal angular and flexural limb deformities; corrective farriery for foals.