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Whorl Gastrointestinal Medicine Course Notes 2012


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Course notes from the 2 day course held at the British Racing School, Newmarket in November 2012.

Speakers included: Kevin Corley from Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital; Andrew Durham, Liphook Equine Hospital; Tim Mair, Bell Equine Hospital; Bettina Dunkel & Jonna Jokisalo, Royal Veterinary College; Emily Hagget and Celia Marr, Rossdales Equine Hospital and Alastair Foote, Beaufort Cottage Laboratories.

Topics covered included: dysphagia; strategies for dealing with oesophageal obstructions; performing gastroduodenal endoscopic examinations; equine gastric ulcer syndrome; effect of gastric ulceration on performance horses; gastric impactions; duodenitis-proximal jejunitis; improving antemortem diagnosis of grass sickness; ultrasonography of the gastrointestinal tract; intestinal hyperammonaemia; peritonitis; peritoneal fluid cytopathology; endotoxaemia and coagulopathy; the effect of NSAIDS on the small intestine; recurrent colic in the horse; colonic impactions and their treatment; endoparasites; diarrhoea in the foal; Lawsonia intracellularis; diarrhoea in mature horses; crystalloid therapy for the diarrhoea patient; nutrition for horses with gastrointestinal disease; biosecurity; investigation and management of liver disease in the mature horse; liver biopsy pathology.