Editor: Alexandra Dugdale

Whorl Equine Anaesthesia Course Notes 2013


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Course notes from the 2 day course held in October 2013.

Day 1 – an overview of equine anaesthesia; pre-operative cardiovascular abnormalities; pre-operative starvation; haemodynamic support; risks of general anaesthesia; how to perform standing chemical restraint; intra-operative hyperaemia; when and how to use ventilators; how to monitor anaesthetic depth; ventilation in neonatal foals.

Day 2 – field anaesthesia from a practitioner’s perspective; TIVA or SIVA; how can we measure pain; intra- and post-operative cardiovascular support with focus on the colic horse; perioperative electroylyte disturbances; overview of potential anaesthetic pitfalls for colic surgery; Caesarean sections and laparoscopies; how to be prepared for anaesthetic accidents and emergencies; should we assist recovery and if so how; post-anaesthetic nutrition; recovery problems.

Lecture notes by: Alex Dugdale, Eddie Clutton, Kathy Clarke, Karen Coumbe, Kevin Corley, Polly Taylor and Lesley Young.