Editor: Sidney Ricketts

Whorl Equine Biosecurity Course Notes 2014


  • Publisher: Whorl Publishing
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Extensive notes (167 pages) of the 2 day course held in November 2014 on equine biosecurity.

Course designed by Sidney Ricketts and Richard Newton.

Lectures on epidemiology and biosecurity issues for equine infectious diseases endemic in the UK and Europe and those currently exotic to UK and Europe. Current considerations for producing specific equine transmissible disease control programmes, practical specific biosecurity programmes, collective biosecurity programmes currently available in the UK and current statutory legislation important to the UK equine industries.

Lecturers included Scott Weese (Canada), Lutz Goehring (Germany), Desmond Leadon (Ireland), Paola Gulden (Italy) and from the UK, Richard Newton (Animal Health Trust), Jenny Hall & Chris Hammond (British Horsracing Authority), Clive Hamblin (National Trainers Federation) Jacqui Matthews (Moredun Institute), Balazs Toth (Animal and Plant Health Agency), Emily Haggett, Alastair Foote and Sidney Ricketts (Rossdales) and Hannah Ellis (University of Nottingham Veterinary School).