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Jenny Ousey BSc(Hons) MSc PhD

Jenny graduated in 1981 (Biology, BScHon). She started work in 1982 as research assistant to Dr Peter Rossdale (Rossdale & Partners, Newmarket) and studied perinatal endocrinology and the physiology of fetal maturation. She developed the milk electrolyte strip test system for assessing the time of delivery in mares which is now used commercially. She gained an MSc in 1986 on lactation in mares, and a PhD in 1992 on thermoregulation and energy metabolism in foals. In 1999 Jenny worked with Professor Abby Fowden at the University of Cambridge, studying progestagen metabolism in pregnant mares.

In 2003 she moved to the Equine Fertility Unit in Newmarket with Professor Twink Allen, studying fetal and placental health in ageing mares by Doppler ultrasounography. Since the closure of the EFU in 2007, she spent one year at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket and then returned to Rossdale & Partners to work in the laboratory diagnosing equine infectious diseases using PCR.

Jenny recently completed an HBLB funded project with Andrew McGladdery investigating blood flow in the equine umbilical cord artery using Doppler ultrasonography.

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