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Polly Bonner

Polly Bonnor

Polly has been with Saracen for 23 years, specialising in Thoroughbred Nutrition, and she is dedicated to offering the finest nutritional solutions with a very personal level of customer service. Saracen take an active, ‘hands on’ approach with clients and their horses, working as part of their team by putting constructive nutrition and management programmes together. She is involved with some of the most successful breeding farms and racing yards in the UK and Northern France, having overseen the feeding programmes of numerous ‘Sales Toppers’ and Classic winners during that time.

In 2000, Saracen Horse Feeds developed two very important and exclusive partnerships with Hallway Feeds and with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), both based in Lexington, Kentucky. Saracen is the exclusive KER Team Member in the UK, joining an international network of horse feed manufacturers devoted to the advancement of equine nutrition. KER provides Saracen with a comprehensive consultation programme tailored to fit its individual needs and the scientific knowledge and credibility necessary to provide unique and progressive formulations and feeding recommendations. The volume of published work completed by KER rivals that of leading universities. No other private research facility has contributed more original research to the proceedings of the Equine Science Society in the past 30 years.

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