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Simon Curtis FWCF BSc(Hons) PhD HonAssoc RCVS

Simon is based in Newmarket and has been a farrier since 1972. He is the 4th generation of his family to be a farrier. His family have been farriers and blacksmiths on the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk border for at least 150 years.

Simon has lectured and demonstrated farriery in 20 countries on 6 continents; including the USA, Australia, India, and South Africa. He has published 3 text books (Farriery – Foal to Racehorse, Corrective Farriery Vol. 1 and Corrective Farriery Vol. 2) and has had articles published in numerous veterinary and farriery journals.

Simon was awarded an Honorary Associateship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2001. The RCVS describes the Honorary Associateship as ‘the highest honour which it is possible for the College to award to anyone who is not a member’.

Simon gained a first degree BSc(Hons) for his thesis on the incidence of flexural deformities and club foot in Thoroughbred foals. Simon was awarded a PhD in Equine Biomechanics by the University of Central Lancashire in 2017 for his study on foal hoof growth.

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