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The Orphan Foal

The Orphan Foal

Wendy O'Connor

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-0-9957440-1-1

A practical guide to fostering and hand-rearing orphan foals. Wendy has over 45 years experience of working with horses and her skills with orphan foals are passed on in this book. When things go wrong at foaling 'time is of the essence' and this book will be a valuable guide to anyone involved in breeding horses, whether professionally or for pleasure.

The book covers the reasons why foals are orphaned, advantages and disadvantages of using a foster mare, hand-rearing and supplementary feeding and many practical tips.

The book will be of interest to: studfarm managers, assistants, students, private horse owners/amateur breeders, equine veterinary nurses, equine veterinary surgeons and equine veterinary students.



I found Wendy O'Connor's book on the orphaned foal easy to read, informative and practical. This book would be a good learning tool for anyone interested in fostering or rearing foals, and a good practical aid if in a real life situation that requires knowledge of the orphaned foal.

Lynn Irving RVN REVN DipAVN(equine)
BSc (Hons) Clinical Veterinary Nursing


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