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Rossdales Pregnant Mare and Stallion Course Notes 2017

Rossdales Pregnant Mare and Stallion Course Notes 2017

Andrew McGladdery

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Limited

Full lecture notes from course held in Newmarket on 18th, 19th & 20th January 2017. Speakers were: Dickson Varner (Texas A&M University, USA); Karen Wolfsdorf (Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Kentucky, USA), Mandi de Mestre (Royal Veterinary College, London), Harald Sieme (University of Hannover), Tom Stout (University of Utrecht), Sandra Wilsher (Sharjah Equine Hospital), Tullis Matson (Station AI Services), Richard Newton (Animal Health Trust) and from Rossdales - Ian Cameron, Alastair Foote, Jenny Ousey, Oliver Pynn and Nick Wingfield Digby.

The stallion: The relationship between mare numbers and ejaculation frequency and the fertility of Thoroughbred stallions; sperm motility and function; semen collection practices affecting sperm characteristics of stallions; evaluation of stallion semen; genomics and stallion fertility; monitoring fertility in natural and AI breeding stallions; insurance and pre-purchase examination of Thoroughbred stallions for breeding purposes; breeding soundness evaluation for AI stallions; social interactions between stallions and mares affecting reproductive efficiency; flow cytometric tests: what can they tell us about stallion fertility; processing, centrifugation and separation of fresh, chilled and frozen semen for AI; monitoring older stallions with deteriorating fertility; epididymal sperm harvesting techniques.

The pregnant mare: Thoroughbred mare fertility: statistics and pregnancy failure; early equine embryos; implantation, early placentation and placental development at term; embryo-maternal communication during the establishment of pregnancy; early pregnancy loss - current research and the state of our knowledge; lymphocyte immunisation; ageing gametes and genetic factors; immunology of pregnancy and immunological aspects of early pregnancy loss; mare pregnancy examinations, palpation, ultrasound, laboratory tests; endocrinology of pregnancy; fetal sexing - early and later in pregnancy; an update on the management of twins; Doppler studies of umbilical and uterine artery blood flow; clinical and pathological aspects of MRLS, EAFL, Leptospirosis and placentitis,; pathology of early, mid and late equine pregnancy losses; strategies for reducing EPL and later losses (The Kentucky Experience); EHVI-1 abortion - pathogenesis, prevention and biosecurity; EHV abortion case based epidemiology - lessons learned?


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