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Rossdales Periparturient Mare Course Notes 2019

Rossdales Periparturient Mare Course Notes 2019

Editor: Andrew McGladdery

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Publisher: Whorl Publishing Limited

Extensive course notes from the Rossdales Periparturient Mare Course held in Newmarket in January 2019.

Speakers included: Margo Macpherson (University of Florida, USA); Tom Stoute (Utrecht University, The Netherlands); Jutta Sielhorst, (Veterinary Competence Centre, Germany) and 16 other UK speakers.

Lectures included: physiological development of the equine fetes during late gestation; endocrinology of the periparturient period; late term abortion; placental abnormality; late term petal ultrasonography; Doppler studies of equine pregnancy; placentitis; umbilical cord torsion abortion; management of the 'high risk' mare; nutritional considerations for late pregnancy and lactation; problem solving the mare with acute abdominal enlargement; managing orthopaedic problems in the late pregnancy mare; uterine torsion; induction of equine parturition; equine dystocia; fetotomy; Caesarean section; foal resuscitation; induction of lactation; late pregnancy and post party gastrointestinal complications; periparturient haemorrhage in the mare; retained feral membranes; uterine prolapse and bladder prolapse; uterine rupture and trauma of the genital tract; genital surgery ; breeding management of the postpartum mare.

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